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Super Street Fighter IV "Internet Meme Costume Pack"


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Capcom announced the DLC "Internet Meme Costume Pack" for Super Street Fighter IV today, which consists of alternate costumes inspired by popular internet icons.

"We're excited to announce the first set in the new collection of costumes for SSF4," Capcom VP of strategic planning and development Christian Svensson told The Noble Eskimo. "The new collection is going to be a lot more tongue-in-cheek than previous collections, and the team is really having fun with it. They've taken inspirations from various aspects of the internet and applied it into the costume packs."

Set to release in sometime mid-May, the new costume packs will cost 400 Microsoft Points or $4.99, as is the norm.

Sven continued with some exciting news. "This will be the first time alternate costumes affect aesthetics of the fighters' moves in addition to their outfit. For example, Zangief's Casey Haynes outfit makes all his throws look like the suplex in the famous 'bully payback' video, while Cody's costume replaces the rocks in his Bad Stone projectile with 10 grams of pure Columbian nose candy."

Other characters featured in the pack are Gouken as the late Billy Mays, Sakura (Sven dubbed her costume the "Stephan Barrow Delight"), and Guile representing Muscles Glasses of Epic Meal Time fame. Screenshots are below.

gouken as billy mays in street fighter 4sakura pedophile delightmuscles glasses in super street fighter 4



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