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kinect users look stupid

Study: 72% of Kinect Users Don't Realize They Look Stupid

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According to a recent study conducted by The New York Times, 72% of Microsoft Kinect owners falsely believe using the device makes them desirable to the opposite sex.

The study, which polled 2000 Kinect owners across varying demographics and was conducted between February 5 and February 24, found consumers purchased the Kinect 22% of the time for personal enjoyment, 6% for its magical healing properties, and 72% to attract a potential mate. The study also found that of the latter group, 91% had purchased other products in their lifetime with similar intent. Among the most-cited products were Reebok Pump athletic shoes, tooth jewelry (aka "grillz"), lava lamps, finger skateboards, and clothing from Hot Topic.

500 people who did not own the Kinect were also polled. These participants were shown a brief video of someone of the opposite sex playing a Kinect videogame title, who were asked afterwards if they would consider mating with that person, to which 100% replied negatively.



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